Waste Connections of Canada provides curbside garbage collection for most households. Residences are allotted one bag per week (plus 1 additional bag with a sticker). Garbage Stickers are available upon request at the Municipal Office for permanent and seasonal residents (3 free stickers per year for permanent residents, 20 free stickers per year for seasonal residents). Additional garbage stickers can be purchased at the Municipal Office for $3.00 each.

Beginning on January 1, 2015 and going forward, not more than two (2) receptacles, bags or bundles (4 cu ft./ 0.12 cu meters) will be picked up per collection; as per the requirements of Section 4 of the by-law.

For garbage collection, bags cannot weigh more than 40 lbs. (18.1 kgs) and the bag must be a clear polyethylene plastic with a minimum of 1.5 gauge thickness. Garbage bins cannot be more than 2 cubic feet capacity with the contents weighing a maximum of 40 lbs (18.1 kgs).

Waste Pick-up Map 2016 (pdf – 712KB)

Holiday Curbside Collection

During 2019, garbage and recycling collection will not automatically be bumped to the next day following a holiday Monday.  If collection usually happens on a Monday, it will still be on a Monday despite the holiday. If collection usually happens on a Tuesday, it will still be on a Tuesday. Christmas and New Year’s Day may shift, however these will be the only exceptions through out the year and a holiday schedule will be available in early December both online and at the Municipal office in Warsaw.

To check the curbside collection schedule for the current month, visit the County of Peterborough’s Searchable Waste Portal, make sure to select Douro-Dummer under “Choose Your Area”.

Clear Garbage Bag Program 

On January 2nd, 2018, the Township of Douro-Dummer implemented the Clear Garbage Bag Program. Important details about this program include:Clear Garbage Bag2

  • Both curbside collection and transfer station drop-offs must be made using clear garbage bags;
  • Garbage bags may not contain any recyclable, compostable, or hazardous materials. These materials must instead be directed toward the appropriate recycling, composting, or hazardous material program and
  • One (1) grocery sized privacy bag is allowed in each clear bag to conceal items that residents wish to keep private.

Bags not conforming to these requirements will not be collected at the curb or accepted at the Hall’s Glen Transfer Station. Size limits continue to apply: maximum weight of a bag 18.1 kg (40 lbs) and maximum size is 0.06 cubic meters (2 cubic feet). Please see the Clear Garbage Bag Program Quick Guide (717KB) and 2017-50 – Collection and Disposal of Waste By-law (pdf – 133KB) for more details.

To handle compostable material, Composters (pdf – 240KB) and Digesters (pdf – 212KB) are available for sale from both the County of Peterborough and the Township of Douro-Dummer. Inexpensive Do-It-Yourself compost bins (pdf – 714KB) can also be made from readily available materials. You can help speed up the composting process by following tips found here (819KB).

A list of Frequently Asked Questions (pdf – 331KB) is also available. If you have more questions or need clarification please contact us.