Emergency Preparedness

Ice storms are not that uncommon and create numerous challenges.

Power outages can be lengthy!

Keep your distance from compromised power lines.

Disaster can strike at any time……….Are You Prepared?

Visit Emergency Management Ontario to help you be prepared:

The Township of Douro-Dummer has a Municipal Emergency Response Plan as legislated by the Province of Ontario through the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.

Municipal Emergency Plan

2015-83 – Emergency Plan By-law

Four Phases of an Emergency – What can you do?

  1. Preparedness – Make a 72-hour kit for your whole household (including pets)
  2. Response – Make a plan to stay with family or friends if the need arises
  3. Mitigation – Take steps to help reduce the impact, such as having a generator and prescription medication ready
  4. Recovery – Be patient, recovery  as this can most often be the longest time of the four!

In the event of a significant emergency the City/County Public Inquiry Line will be activated to deliver information 705-876-4636.