Thinking of having a fire? Please be familiar with By-law 2020-35 Pot hanging over a campfireand be sure to purchase the appropriate permit.

Permits can be obtained online at, at the Douro-Dummer Municipal Office or at the Douro-Dummer Public Library during regular hours.

Permit Types

Fees for fire permits are in accordance with the Township of Douro-Dummer User Fee and Charges By-law. All fire permits require payment and approval prior to being considered valid. Permits requiring a site inspection such as a Special Occurrence Fire, must be scheduled – please allow up to 5 business days to process these permits.

Agricultural fire:
An agricultural fire pile shall not exceed 5m in diameter, 2m in height and shall have a minimum of 20m clearance to property lines and combustibles (including dry vegetation) and 100m to any structure.

Burn Barrel:
A burn barrel is a metal drum or similar container. Containers must be no larger than one (1) meter in diameter and height. All burn barrels shall have a heavy-duty screen with a mesh size of no greater than 6.35mm (1/4”). Clearances required are 3m from property lines and combustibles (including dry vegetation).

A campfire is used for warmth or cooking food. A campfire wood pile will not exceed more than one (1) meter in diameter and half a meter in height. Clearances required are 3m from property lines and combustibles (including dry vegetation). A campfire fire must be contained by a non-combustible surrounding such as rocks, bricks, a metal fire ring or a chiminea.

Campground, Trailer Park or Resort:
The Campground, Trailer Park or Resort permit is for a location with numerous campfire sites and covers the entire park. An annual inspection is required. Size and clearance restrictions are the same as defined for a Campfire.

Commercial Fire:
A Commercial Fire permit is obtained by for the clearing of land. Heavy equipment must be available and ready to control and extinguish the fire as necessary. A commercial fire pile shall not exceed 10m in diameter, 5m in height and shall have a minimum of 50m clearances to property lines and combustibles (including dry vegetation) and 150m to any structure.

An incinerator is intended for outdoor burning and shall conform to Sections 6.2.6 of the Ontario Building Code and 2.6.3 of the Ontario Fire Code.

Residential Brush Fire:
A residential brush fire has a maximum pile diameter of 2m and maximum height of 1m. Clearances required are 10m from any combustibles (including dry vegetation), property lines, overhead wires, highway or vehicular right of ways and 15m from any structure or building.

Special Occurrence Fire:
A Special Occurrence Fire is an open-air fire that does not meet the requirements of any permit type and is specific for an event or occurrence. All Special Occurrence Fire permits require a site inspection to determine approved size and clearances prior to any fire occurring.

Burn Bans

The fire risk rating, including a total burn ban, can be seen at any time by visiting Roadside fire risk indicator signs are posted at major intersections in the Township and media are alerted when fire bans are implemented.

declared by the Chief Fire Official, with exception to a Campground as defined in By-law 2020-35, where they may be exempt.

No open-air fire may be set during a fire ban and all open-air burning permits are suspended during a fire ban. A fire ban prohibits all open-air fires including campfires, burn barrels and fireworks.

Certified gas appliances such as CSA approved fire tables, bowls, pits and BBQs are not considered an open-air fire and can be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions during a fire ban. A list of exemptions can be found in By-law 2020-35 and at