gravestone with the name white

A few years ago, the dedicated members of the Douro-Dummer Historical Committee took on the challenge of being involved in the Heritage Cemeteries within our township. We have five Heritage (closed) Cemeteries – including, Batten-Payne, Centre Dummer, Cottesloe, English Line, and Kidd Cemeteries.

Research was done, records have been reviewed and updated; cemetery sketches were prepared. All this was done with the intention of attempting to have as complete a record as possible of the many who rest in these cemeteries.
Another major undertaking was the preservation of headstones and markers to save them from further deterioration. With every additional piece of information discovered, the committee’s enthusiasm heightens.
The first restoration project was the English Line Cemetery, which took place in 2005. Just north of Warsaw one is able to see the stone monument that was erected to attempt to indicate those who are buried there.
In 2011, the Cottesloe and Kidd Cemeteries were on the agenda. At these two cemeteries, stones were levelled and markers have been straightened.

In 2013, the Committee had a stone and brick monument erected at Batten-Payne Cemetery to install the pieces of headstones found throughout the cemetery. There were a number of loose stones found throughout the grounds.